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Poultry Scale With Android Application

Existing Field Chicken collection from Farm & Handover to Retail are tracked. Existing Company hierarchy Farms are linked to Branch Field Supervisors (BFS), BFS are mapped to Branch Managers,BMS to Circle Head.

Every Branch Field Supervisor is allocated with Farms and he visits the Farm based on the picking route and procures the Chicken from respective Farms. The Process involved in the Procurement are listed below.

  •    Transport Vehicle details are Captured along with Start End Kms.
  •    Farm details are captured.
  •    Each Case Empty Weight is captured.
  •    Loaded Weight for Every case is captured.
  •    Order is delivered to Retailer / Wholesaler based on delivery schedule.

Clarification Required

  •    Hardware Tab & Printer requirements ? Currently suggested with Existing Android Device.
  •    App Number of License required ? Application hosting Server to be managed by us or client ?
  •    Each Integration with ERP task involvement, APIs will be provided / need to develop ? yes ERP integration
  •   Any additional functionalities required other than the above module.
  •   Support model like dedicated Resource required or On-call support.

Chicken Model (SS/MS)

Model Capacity Least Count Pan/Platform
MSP 300 300kg 50gm 400x400mm
MSP 300 300kg 100gm 400x400mm
MSP 300 300kg 100gm 500x500mm
MSP 300 300kg 50gm 500x500mm
MSP 300 300kg 50gm 600x600mm